Employee Benefit Plans

The New Credit Company

Introducing Comprehensive, Long-Term Credit Services to Employee Benefit Plans for the first time ever is the core motivation for launching "The New Credit Company."

The New Credit Company

Human Resources are among the most valuable assets of any business, large or small. Attracting the best staff is often the role of the employee benefits department.

New Credit is here to disrupt the fringe benefits market by providing bespoke concierge credit service for America's workforce.

Let us optimize the credit status of your entire staff. We will give everyone in your organization a raise - in their quality of life.

The New Credit Company For Employee Benefit Plans:

We are Consumer Credit Advocates.


From the mail room to the boardroom…

We provide the only platform in America that takes care of your employees’ credit — improving lives with a lower cost of living.

Give them lifelong savings through lower borrowing costs. Empower employees to buy a house, or buy more house.

New Credit's concierge credit program will become one of the greatest values in your Company Benefit Plan.

Hire The Best

The business world is extremely competitive, and higher salaries are needed to attract the best staff, but pay can only go so high.

Employee Benefit Plans are the next most significant form of compensation.

New Credit has introduced the first "Credit Services" to serve as a corporate plan benefit.

Our Goal? To improve the collective credit status of staff members from the mail room to the corporate offices.

For a few dollars per month, we improve the quality of life for employees by lowering their cost of living


Our team won't stop until we have accomplished your goals.

We start with a concierge credit program, evaluating status, recommending a strategy based on individual needs, and following up with a relentless effort to maximize great credit.

We serve as Consumer Credit Advocates, perpetually defending the legal rights of each member.

Employees should be able to buy a bigger house or nicer car.

We Are Not...

New Credit is not a traditional "credit repair" business.

Such services typically provide a best effort, as fast as possible for consumers that find themselves in urgent need of help with their credit score.

When completed, the service ends, typically in five or six months.

Nor are we a Credit Monitoring business.

Credit Monitors perform searches for your data such as Social Security Numbers, and report suspicious activity to the client.

They do not prevent the criminal action, or repair the damage after the fact.

The New Credit Company simply assumes that personal data has been stolen several times over for every consumer, and we prepare accordingly.

We're In It For The Long Term

New Credit has innovated the first continuous, long-term Credit Planning Service.

We invite corporate and private groups to join our program.

We provide credit education supported by a wealth of knowledge and resources. As the first phase of each credit case is reached (attaining goals), we begin building new credit as part of a new lifelong credit management plan.

We're vigilant; prepared to step in to defend against new threats. Our team will fight to remove inaccurate and/or obsolete negative items from credit reports unless the law demands that they remain. That includes managing costly errors on credit reports, as well as all too common Identity Theft damages.

A Disruptive New Credit Services Organization & The First Of Its Kind Employee Benefit
For Enterprise Businesses and Smaller Corporate Benefit Plans

Call or send a brief note to EmployeeBenefitPlans@NewCredit.co to introduce your staff to the first new innovation to disrupt the employee benefits industry in many years.