The New Credit Company

The New Credit Company offers the first-ever long-term "Credit Planning" service catering primarily to corporate employee benefit plans and organizations.

The New Credit Company

Consumers are at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to their credit. We have innovated a new credit management service that uses a personal financial planning strategy for lifelong benefits.

Employees' spouses and extended families are also eligible.

We Are Not A Typical Credit Repair Business. Mitigating Negative Credit Is Only Part Of Our Long-Term Concierge Program.

We will address adverse credit report items eligible for correction or removal based on state and federal Consumer Protection Laws, not the least of which is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). But, only if it has a significant effect on a client's immediate and/or long-term goals.

Debt collectors, bankruptcy attorneys, and virtually every other "professional" related to personal credit exploit the ignorance and fear of the average consumer over the course of their life. Many, if not most consumers accept their fate as if it was a foregone conclusion.

The New Credit Company is a fierce Consumer Credit Advocate.

We will monitor credit status, improve what we can, defend against threats and educate members personally, supporting them with a wealth of knowledge and resources.

We manage "triage" for emergency situations, providing independent guidance and options during difficult circumstances. We fight to prevent bankruptcies, foreclosures, unjust debt collections and other catastrophic events. As identity theft explodes in volume, we stand by ready to help with a fast recovery.

Everything else is part of a long-term plan.

As professional advocates, nothing represents our purpose better than our struggle against massive premium interest rates caused by poor credit planning and spending habits.

Even simple typographical errors in credit reports cost Americans BILLIONS of dollars, year in and year out.

Our services protect individual employees and their families, evaluating and planning strategically like Certified Financial Planners or Estate Planning Consultants.

The New Credit Company:

  • Employee Benefit Plans

  • Private Organizations

  • Credit Status Evaluation

  • Emergency Services

  • Financial Goals

  • Optimal Credit Practices

  • Long-Term Credit Management Plans Including:

  • Identity Theft Response

  • The Cost Of Student Loans

  • Career Search Readiness

  • Marital Plans

  • Auto Loan Qualifications

  • Mortgage Loan Preparation

  • Legal Recourse
    (Consumer Protection Laws)

  • Authorized Users

  • Senior Credit

  • Other Proprietary Debt & Credit Strategies

Employers May Pay For Some Or All Services.

Individual employees and group members are the beneficial recipients of our credit services. Services are unique to every individual, based on their personal circumstances and goals for the future. We partner with professionals such as attorneys, financial planners, mortgage professionals and others to address members' personal needs.

Former members will be allowed to continue at their own expense, similar to the way COBRA works for Employer Health Insurance Plans.

New Credit's Employee Benefit Program helps attract and retain the finest staff by addressing a need every bit as critical as health or retirement plans.

While member services are confidential and secure, employers will receive aggregate data to illustrate the overall credit status of the company staff as a whole. Our success will be reflected by tracking the collective company FICO Score.

Lower the cost of living for your employees, for a few dollars per month with "New Credit."


We are not lawyers, though we use a limited power of attorney. We may also act as your attorney in fact if the situation warrants.

Of course, we may refer to, or work closely with attorneys expert in our field to manage consumer protection legal issues.

We don't make loans.

As Consumer Credit Advocates, we do our best to improve your loan approval ratings at the best possible terms. View our loan qualification packages for homes and automobiles.

We might refer members to lenders we know and/or trust as part of a member's credit planning.

We don't make payments on behalf of anyone.

However, our ongoing credit management program may make use of automated or manual reminders to ensure timely payments or other obligations are met.

A Disruptive New Credit Services Organization & The First Of Its Kind Employee Benefit
For Enterprise Businesses and Smaller Corporate Benefit Plans

Call or send a brief note to EmployeeBenefitPlans@NewCredit.co to introduce your staff to the first new innovation to disrupt the employee benefits industry in many years.