Debt Collectors

The New Credit Company

Unscrupulous Debt Collectors often do whatever they can get away with to get paid, including illegal collection practices.

The New Credit Company

Powerful federal consumer protection laws provide safeguards, and much more if you are willing to fight for your rights.

Talk to us before you take any action, make any agreement, or pay any debt collectors.

A Single Sample To Represent The Debt Collector Market

In 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) penalized two of the countries largest debt buyers, Portfolio Recovery Associates & Encore Capital Group, for tens of millions of dollars for predatory and misleading debt collection practices.

Between the two companies, they purchased over $200,000,000 in bad debt for pennies on the dollar before beginning a systematic process to deceive and threaten consumers into paying.

Don't Pay. But Don't Ignore!

If debt collectors contact you, politely hang up. Don't say or agree to anything, let alone pay them until you research all the facts... and the law.

Some Of The Largest Debt Collectors & Buyers:

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Encore Capital Group, Account Control Technology, Action Financial Services, American Student Assistance, Bass & Associates, Central Research, Inc., Coast Professional, Inc., Collection Technology, Inc., Collecto, Inc., Collection Company of America, Con Serve, Credit Adjustments, Debt Management and Collections System, Delta Management Associates, Inc., ECSI Federal Perkins Servicer, Educational Credit Management Corp, Enterprise Recovery Systems, Inc., Financial Asset Management Systems, Inc., Florida Department of Education OSFA, FMS Investment Corp, GC Services, General Revenue Services, USA Funds, Immediate Credit Recovery Inc., Michigan Guaranty Agency, National Recoveries, National Credit Services, New York Higher Education Loan, NYHELP, Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc., Premiere Credit of North America, Progressive Financial, The CBE Group, Inc., U.S. Department of Treasury Debt Management Services, Van Ru Credit Corporation, West Asset Management, Inc., Windham Professionals, Inc.

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