No Guarantees

The New Credit Company

There are no guarantees.

The New Credit Company

Federal Consumer Protection Laws, and likely most state laws forbid offering any guarantees for potential improvement to credit scores.
But, we promise that our team will treat you like family, and deliver our absolute best effort to improve your overall credit status.

We fight hard to remove inaccurate and/or obsolete negative items from credit reports, unless the law demands that they remain.

We Offer A Turn-Key Credit Concierge Process

You must collect all of the files and information we need to initiate your case. Then, New Credit manages everything from there.

Credit Evaluation >> Credit Education >> Credit Services >> Credit Building >> Long-Term Credit Management

We'll delete or correct strategic personal data in each credit report, that is incorrect, outdated, or otherwise eligible for dispute, with the goal of maximizing credit status and leaving the least possible information for the credit bureaus to sell.

Then... Perpetual Building & Maintenance

With your new credit status, we establish a Credit Building phase to launch your long-term debt & credit management plan.

A Disruptive New Credit Services Organization & The First Of Its Kind Employee Benefit
For Enterprise Businesses and Smaller Corporate Benefit Plans

Call or send a brief note to to introduce your staff to the first new innovation to disrupt the employee benefits industry in many years.